Investor Information

OVERVIEW: Citizens, Inc. is a financial services company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CIA.  Citizens and its subsidiaries utilize a three-pronged strategy for growth based upon worldwide sales of U.S. Dollar-denominated, whole life, cash value insurance policies, life insurance product sales in the U.S. and the acquisition of other U.S.-based life insurance companies.

STOCK MARKET LISTING: The Company's Class A common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol CIA.  Quotes of daily prices may be obtained via the internet or in major newspapers under NYSE listings.

STOCK REGISTRAR AND TRANSFER AGENT: Computershare Trust Company, NA is the stock registrar and transfer agent for Citizens, Inc. Class A common stock.
           Computershare Trust Company, NA
            211 Quality Circle, Suite 210
            College Station, TX 77845
            Toll-Free Number: 877-785-9659
            Outside the United States: 781-575-4621 (International Dial Direct)
            Direct link to Citizens information:

As a Citizens, Inc. shareholder, you are invited to take advantage of shareholder services through Computershare Trust Company.  It maintains the records for our registered shareholders and can assist you with a variety shareholder related services including:

  • Purchase/Sale of shares
  • Change of name or address
  • Consolidation of accounts
  • Transfer of stock to another person
  • Lost stock certificate replacement
  • Additional administrative services

SHAREHOLDERS' REPORT: Citizens, Inc. shareholders receive a proxy notice via mail or email in April each year before the annual meeting in June, based upon the preferred communication method selected by the shareholder at Computershare. If you are a Citizens, Inc. shareholder or a shareholder of one of the companies listed below, which has become part of the Citizens, Inc. holding company system, and you have not received communications within the last twelve (12) months, please contact Computershare at their toll-free number 1-877-785-9659.

ADDRESS CHANGE: When your address changes, please notify the stock transfer agent, Computershare.  An invalid address may cause your shareholder mail and reports to be returned to the transfer agent. If your mail is continuously returned for lack of a current address, the law requires that your shares must be escheated to the Treasury of the state of your last known address.

THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES HAVE BECOME PART OF THE CITIZENS, INC. HOLDING COMPANY SYSTEM: The shareholders of these companies should exchange their original certificates for Citizens, Inc. Class A Common Stock.

CICA LIFE Insurance Company of America, Denver, Colorado

Insurance Company of America, Austin, Texas

Non-Commissioned Officers Life Insurance Company, Austin, Texas

Citizens Standard Life Insurance Company, Corpus Christi, Texas

Founders Preferred Life Insurance Company, Waco, Texas
(a) Trans States Security Life Insurance Company, Arlington, Texas

Continental Investors Life Inc., Englewood, Colorado
(a) Continental Investors Life Insurance Company, Englewood, Colorado

Equities International Life Insurance Company, Ft. Worth, Texas
(a) Security Savings Life Insurance Company, Dallas, Texas

Continental Investors Life Insurance Company, Birmingham, Alabama

First Centennial Corporation, Ft. Collins, Colorado
(a) First Centennial Life, Ft. Collins, Colorado
(b) Pacific Empire Life, Boise, Idaho

American Liberty Financial Corporation, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(a) American Liberty Life Insurance Company, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(b) First American Investment Corp., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Insurance Investors & Holding Co., Inc., Peoria, Illinois
(a) Central Investors Life Insurance Company of Illinois, Peoria, Illinois

American Investment Network, Inc., Jackson, Mississippi
(a) Great American Investment Network, Inc., Jackson, Mississippi
(b) United Security Life Insurance Company, Jackson, Mississippi

National Security Life and Accident Insurance Company, Arlington, Texas

First Investors Group, Inc., Springfield, Illinois
(a) Excalibur Insurance Corporation, Springfield, Illinois

First Alliance Corporation, Lexington, Kentucky
(a) First Alliance Insurance Company, Lexington, Kentucky

Combined Underwriters, Tyler, Texas
Lifeline Underwriters, Tyler, Texas

Mid-American Alliance Corporation, Jefferson City, Missouri
(a) Mid American Century Life Insurance Company, Jefferson City, Missouri
(b) Mid-American Alliance Insurance Agency, Inc., Jefferson City, Missouri
(c) Mid-American American Associates Agency, Inc., Jefferson City, Missouri
(d) Security Alliance Insurance Company, Little Rock, Arkansas

Security Plan Life Insurance Company, Donaldsonville, Louisiana
(a) Security Plan Fire Insurance Company, Donaldsonville, Louisiana
(b) Security Plan Agency, Inc., Donaldsonville, Louisiana

Ozark National Life Insurance Company, Little Rock, Arkansas

Integrity Capital Corporation, Greenwood, Indiana
(a) Integrity Capital Insurance Company, Greenwood, Indiana

Magnolia Guaranty Life Insurance Company, Ridgeland, Mississippi

If you currently hold a stock certificate in any of the companies that have merged with Citizens, Inc., or one of its subsidiaries, please contact Computershare Trust Company, 211 Quality Circle, Suite 210, College Station, TX 77845 via Certified Mail and Return Receipt Requested.  To obtain additional investor information, you may contact the Investor Relations Department via e-mail at

WHISTLEBLOWER HOTLINE: A secure way to provide employees & others with a means of reporting fraudulent behavior without any human interference.