Insurance Companies

Citizens, Inc. is an insurance holding company serving the life insurance needs of individuals in the United States since 1969 and internationally since 1975.

Life Insurance

Our Life Insurance segment issues ordinary whole life insurance domestically and in U.S. Dollar-denominated amounts to foreign residents. These contracts are designed to provide a fixed amount of insurance coverage over the life of the insured. Additionally, endowment contracts are issued by the Company, which are principally accumulation contracts that incorporate an element of life insurance protection.  We operate this segment through our subsidiaries: CICA Life Insurance Company of America and Citizens National Life Insurance Company.

Home Service Insurance

Our Home Service segment operates in this market through our subsidiaries Security Plan Life Insurance Company and Security Plan Fire Insurance Company, and focus on the life insurance needs of the middle and lower income markets, primarily in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. Our policies are sold and serviced through a homeservice marketing distribution system of approximately 300 employee-agents who work full time on a route system and through over 230 funeral homes and independent agents to sell policies, collect premiums and service policyholders. To a lesser extent, our Home Service segment sells limited-liability, named peril property policies covering dwelling and contents.