Company History

Citizens, Inc. (“Citizens”) was formed by our Founder, Harold E. Riley.  Prior to our formation, Mr. Riley had many years of experience in the international and domestic life insurance business.  Citizens and its insurance subsidiaries have experienced growth through acquisitions in the domestic market and through market expansion in the international market.  Citizens completed its forty-fifth anniversary year of providing secure financial futures for customers around the globe in 2014. 

Based upon a conviction that life insurance policy settlement options are a significant client benefit, the Company began selling whole-life, guaranteed cash value products in the state of Texas in 1969 focused upon helping clients create an income they cannot outlive.  Within the first few years, we began acquiring US-based life insurance companies as an additional dimension to our growth and development strategy.  With the second acquisition in 1975 of Citizens Standard Life Insurance Company in Corpus Christi, Texas, the Company entered the International market, thereby establishing the three-pronged strategy used today to build the Company, i.e., sales in the U.S., sales internationally and acquisition of other U.S.-based life insurance companies. 

In 2010, Citizens reached its first billion dollars in assets and is now working toward its second billion.  On August 22, 2002, Citizens began trading on the prestigious New York Stock Exchange by ringing the Opening Bell and celebrated its 10th anniversary on August 22, 2012 by ringing the Closing Bell. 


YEAR               COMPANY
2014                 Magnolia Guaranty Life Insurance Company
2009                 Integrity Capital Corporation
2008                 Ozark National Life Insurance Company
2004                 Security Plan Life Insurance Company
                         Security Plan Fire Insurance Company
2003                 First Alliance Corporation 
                         Mid-American Alliance Corporation
2002                 Combined Underwriters Life Insurance Company
                         Lifeline Underwriters Life Insurance Company
1999                 First Investors Group, Inc.
1997                 American Investment Network, Inc.
                         First American Investment Corporation  
                         National Security Life and Accident Insurance Company
1996                 Insurance Investors & Holding Company
1995                 American Liberty Financial Corporation
1992                 First Centennial Corporation
1989                 Continental Investors Life Insurance Company – Alabama
1988                 Equities International Life Insurance Company1
1987                 Continental Investors Life, Inc.
1981                 Founders Preferred Life Insurance Company
1975                 Citizens Standard Life Insurance Company
1974                 Non-Commissioned Officers Life Insurance Company